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Ping Struct Reference
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ICMP Ping structure. More...

Detailed Description

This data structure is used for the ICMP PING operation. It contains a combination of input parameters to be set by the user and output parameters which are set by the various PING API. An "In:" and "Out:" designation is used in the members' description to designate if the user should set the field ("In:") or if an API will write the value ("Out:").

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:
Ping_Open()      Ping_Statistics()

Data Fields

int sd
char * remoteHostNamePtr
int pingInterval
int pingDataLength
unsigned long count
unsigned char pingstate
unsigned long transmitted
unsigned long received
unsigned int lastsenderr
unsigned int lastrcverr
unsigned long maxRtt
unsigned long minRtt
unsigned long lastRtt

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