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PfiStatS Struct Reference
[BIOS API types and data structures]

Used by BIOS_ExecuteExt() API for PFI command. More...

Detailed Description

typedef struct PfiStatT
    int             psError ;
    int             psIrqNumber ;
    int             psLevel ;
    unsigned int    psDriveList ;
    int             psPioNumber ;
    int             psExecuteCnt ;
} PfiStatS ;

A pointer to this type is passed in the 'report' parameter to the BIOS_ExecuteExt() API when invoking the PFI command. The referenced object resides in the application program's memory space. All structure members are written by the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC during execution of the command.

SC2x3 V1.30 - CLIB V1.20
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Data Fields

int psError
int psIrqNumber
int psLevel
unsigned int psDriveList
int psPioNumber
int psExecuteCnt

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