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IpMib Struct Reference
[SNMP MIB data structures]

IpMib structure. More...

Detailed Description

This structure represents the internal SNMP IpMib table of the TCPIP protocol stack.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:
Get_SNMPMibDataBase(), SNMPMibWrite_Mib()

Data Fields

long ipForwarding
long ipDefaultTTL
unsigned long ipInReceives
unsigned long ipInHdrErrors
unsigned long ipInAddrErrors
unsigned long ipForwDatagrams
unsigned long ipInUnknownProtos
unsigned long ipInDiscards
unsigned long ipInDelivers
unsigned long ipOutRequests
unsigned long ipOutDiscards
unsigned long ipOutNoRoutes
long ipReasmTimeout
unsigned long ipReasmReqds
unsigned long ipReasmOKs
unsigned long ipReasmFails
unsigned long ipFragOKs
unsigned long ipFragFails
unsigned long ipFragCreates
unsigned long ipRoutingDiscards

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