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IfMib Struct Reference
[SNMP MIB data structures]

IfMib structure. More...

Detailed Description

This structure represents the internal SNMP IfMib table of the TCPIP protocol stack. Inside of the RTOS a variable of this type exists for each installed TCPIP device interface.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:
Get_SNMPMibDataBase(), SNMPMibWrite_IfMib()

Data Fields

long ifIndex
char ifDescr [32]
long ifType
long ifMtu
unsigned long ifSpeed
unsigned char ifPhysAddress [11]
unsigned char PhysAddrLen
long ifAdminStatus
long ifOperStatus
unsigned long devLastChange
unsigned long devInOctets
unsigned long devInUcastPkts
unsigned long devInMulticastPkts
unsigned long devInBroadcastPkts
unsigned long devInDiscards
unsigned long devInErrors
unsigned long devInUnknownProtos
unsigned long devOutOctets
unsigned long devOutUcastPkts
unsigned long devOutMulticastPkts
unsigned long devOutBroadcastPkts
unsigned long devOutDiscards
unsigned long devOutErrors
unsigned long devOutQLen

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