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DiskStatS Struct Reference
[BIOS API types and data structures]

Used by BIOS_ExecuteExt() API for CHKDSK command. More...

Detailed Description

typedef struct DiskStatT
    unsigned        dsStructSize ;
    unsigned char   dsPlpFormat ;
    unsigned char   dsParamErr ;
    unsigned char   dsDidCheck ;
    unsigned char   dsFaultDetected ;
    unsigned char   dsFatSize ;
    unsigned char   dsFatNum ;
    unsigned short  dsSpare ;
    unsigned        dsProgressTick ;
    unsigned        dsClusterSize ;
    unsigned        dsSectorPerCluster ;
    unsigned        dsRootNodes ;
    unsigned long   dsTotalClusters ;
    unsigned long   dsLostClusters ;
    unsigned long   dsBadClusters ;
    unsigned long   dsClustersNotAlloc ;
    unsigned long   dsCorruptLFN ;
    unsigned long   dsCorruptLFNNodes ;
    unsigned long   dsBadDotRef ;
    unsigned long   dsMultiDots ;
    unsigned long   dsMultiUseCluster ;
    unsigned long   dsDirDepthExceeded ;
    unsigned long   dsInvalidClusterNo ;
    unsigned long   dsInvalidClusterFix ;
    unsigned long   dsBlockFailCnt ;
    unsigned long   dsInfiniteLoop ;
    unsigned long   dsFatMismatch ;
    unsigned long   dsFatFixFailCnt ;
    unsigned long   dsFileTooShort ;
    unsigned long   dsFileTooLong ;
    unsigned        dsStatusFlags;

} DiskStatS ;

A pointer to this type is passed in the 'report' parameter to the BIOS_ExecuteExt() API when invoking the CHKDSK command. The referenced object resides in the application program's memory space. The caller must initialize the dsStructSize member to the size of this data structure for compatibility with future @CHIP-RTOS-PPC releases. The remaining structure members are written by the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC during execution of the command, limited by the specified structure size provided by the caller in dsStructSize.

A fast check if a drive's has PLP format can be done by setting dsStructSize to

         offsetof(DiskStatS, dsDidCheck)

in which case CHKDSK will report only the Boolean flags dsPlpFormat and dsParamErr. The time consuming CHKDSK action is then skipped for this abbreviated report.

SC2x3 V1.15 - CLIB V1.07
SC2x3 V1.50 - CLIB V1.40: Added dsStatusFlags member.
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Data Fields

unsigned dsStructSize
unsigned char dsPlpFormat
unsigned char dsParamErr
unsigned char dsDidCheck
unsigned char dsFaultDetected
unsigned char dsFatSize
unsigned char dsFatNum
unsigned short dsSpare
unsigned dsProgressTick
unsigned dsClusterSize
unsigned dsSectorPerCluster
unsigned dsRootNodes
unsigned long dsTotalClusters
unsigned long dsLostClusters
unsigned long dsBadClusters
unsigned long dsClustersNotAlloc
unsigned long dsCorruptLFN
unsigned long dsCorruptLFNNodes
unsigned long dsBadDotRef
unsigned long dsMultiDots
unsigned long dsMultiUseCluster
unsigned long dsDirDepthExceeded
unsigned long dsInvalidClusterNo
unsigned long dsInvalidClusterFix
unsigned long dsBlockFailCnt
unsigned long dsInfiniteLoop
unsigned long dsFatMismatch
unsigned long dsFatFixFailCnt
unsigned long dsFileTooShort
unsigned long dsFileTooLong
unsigned dsStatusFlags

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