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DevUserDriver Struct Reference
[Device Driver type definitions]

TCP/IP device driver configuration. More...

Detailed Description

Main structure for installing TCP/IP device drivers (IPv4).

This structure must be prepared by the user prior to calling the Dev_Open_Interface() API. When DHCP is used to configure an Ethernet interface, after a successful call to Dev_Open_Interface() this same data structure will be passed to the Dev_Wait_DHCP_Complete() API to pick up the IP address and network mask.

Several device driver callback functions are specified by the user in this data structure. Many of these callbacks may be set to NULL when no callback is desired for the respective action. Only the DevSend and DevRecv vectors are mandatory for all drivers. And a DevGetPhysAddr callback is required for Ethernet device drivers.

Note that these callbacks will be invoked in Supervisor mode by the system. Consequently, extra care must be taken when programming these callbacks since errors in the callback could cause the system to crash.

For future source code compatility, the reserved fields in this data structure should not be referenced by name in your program due to that the names of these members may change in future versions of this API.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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Data Fields

int DevIndex
char * DevName
unsigned long IpAddr
unsigned long Netmask
DevUserIfaceHandle IfaceHandle
DevUserLinkLayer LinkLayerHandle
unsigned char iface_type
unsigned char use_dhcp
void * PPPLinkNotify
union {
   unsigned long   peerIPv4
void * DevOpen
void * DevClose
void * DevSend
void * DevRecv
void * DevGetPhysAddr
void * DevFreeRecv
void * DevIoctl
int * ErrorCode
void * Reserved4
void * Reserved5
void * Reserved6

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