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CmdFeedbackS Struct Reference
[BIOS API types and data structures]

Used by BIOS_ExecuteExt() API for FORMAT and COPY commands. More...

Detailed Description

A pointer to this type is passed in the 'report' parameter to the BIOS_ExecuteExt() API when invoking either the COPY or FORMAT command. The referenced object resides in the application program's memory space. The caller should initialize the cfSize member to the size of this data structure for compatibility with future @CHIP-RTOS-PPC releases. The other three structure members are written by the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC during execution of the command.

Note that the percentage completion can be calculated as:

     percent = (100 * cfProgress) / cfGoal

SC2x3 V1.05 - CLIB V1.03
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Data Fields

unsigned int cfSize
int cfStatus
unsigned long cfProgress
unsigned long cfGoal

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