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CanFilter Struct Reference
[CAN constants and data types]

Detailed Description

This is the data type of the filter parameter of canSetFilter(). It is a dummy type. In fact the function canSetFilter() expects a controller-specific filter data type. Those specific filter data types are named CanFilter* (e.g. CanFilterSc2x3 for the SC2x3's CAN controller). The CanFilter data type holds those fields that all of the controller-specific filter data types have in common. The function canSetFilter() will use these common fields to determine which filter data structure has been actually passed.

This mechanism is necessary, because each CAN controller features a different set of acceptance filters. To still keep the CAN API as hardware-independent as possible, the function canSetFilter() must be able to distinguish between several filter types.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:

canEcho.c, and canFilter.c.

Data Fields

unsigned char controllerType
unsigned char structVer

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