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Release Notes – SC2x3 @CHIP-RTOS-PPC V1.30

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

RTOS - Ethernet
Ticket: #382
Component: RTOS - Ethernet
Type: defect
Summary: Problem when receiving non-TCP/IP packets
Description: If a non-TCP/IP packet is received, additional Ethernet packets can be delayed, until some further receive interrupt in generated.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - File system
Ticket: #386
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: DEL command malfunction with '*' wildcard
Description: When file name is 8 characters, like 12345678.123, and the console command DEL 12345678*.123 is used, this system gives a "File not found" error message. The file 12345678.123 is not deleted.
Solution: Allow short name match with wild card '*' in 9th position (or 4th position of extension name).

RTOS - System
Ticket: #376
Component: RTOS - System
Type: defect
Summary: Inhibit writes to PLP disk drives after a power loss warning
Description: Flash memory devices have been observed to act unpredictably at the moment that power is being lost.

To protect against this, the drives with Power Loss Protected (PLP) format option should not be written to following a power loss warning signal from a Power Fail Interrupt.
Solution: Added a non-volatile Power Fail Interrupt configuration and PFI shell command to control this configuration. The interrupt will disable writing to PLP drives by default.

Ticket: #385
Component: RTOS - System
Type: enhancement
Summary: INI file functions should also be useable for other files than CHIP.INI
Description: An extended version of BIOS_Set_Ini_String() and BIOS_Get_Ini_String() would be helpful. These new functions should operate on an user given file name, instead of the system CHIP.INI.
Solution: Implemented BIOS_Set_Ini_String_Ext()/BIOS_Get_Ini_String_Ext() functions.

Ticket: #381
Component: RTOS - TCP/IP
Type: defect
Summary: GetARPRouteCacheEntries() gives wrong data
Description: The GetARPRouteCacheEntries() function delivers wrong IP data for route entries. The MAC address of ARP entries is shown correctly.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - Web server
Ticket: #384
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: Race condition between incoming connections and server suspend call
Description: The problem addressed with ticket #363 was not solved completely. There's still a race condition between the server suspend call, which closes all open connections, and incoming HTTP requests.

The web server suspend call is used by these API functions: BIOS_Server_On_Off(), CGI_SetMainPage(), CGI_SetMainPagePost(), CGI_SetRootDrive() and CGI_SetRootDir().

In some situations the web server will no longer answer incoming HTTP requests, if these calls are made and incoming HTTP requests are present.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - FTP server
Ticket: #383
Component: RTOS - FTP server
Type: enhancement
Summary: Non conforming implementation of MDTM command
Description: The RFC describes that the MDTM command was only intended to read the time/date of a file and not to set the time/date, like some implementation do. However, this read functionality was not implemented by the @CHIP-RTOS, only the writing was implemented. There's a risk that this behavior can confuse conforming FTP clients.

The FTP server should implement the MDTM command for reading a time/date of a file and should accept the MFMT command, which allows the date/time to be set.
Solution: Removed support for writing date/time with the MDTM command. MDTM can now be used for reading date/time of file. Add support for MFMT command.

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