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Release Notes – SC2x3 @CHIP-RTOS-PPC V1.11

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

RTOS - File system
Ticket: #335
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: Attribute change on open file can lock up file system on PLP drives
Description: When a files attributes are changed on an open file within a PLP drive, the file system enters a dead lock condition such that any further threads (such as console) which access the file system will remain suspended at the deadlock.
Solution: Correct the node locking logic within the file system.

Ticket: #343
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: A: flash drive boot sector loss with PLP FAT12 format
Description: When the A: flash drive is formatted with /PLP option and as a FAT12 drive, the boot sector may be lost when writing to the drive. (This will result in the automatic flash file system re-initialization at the next power up.)

Solution: Correct file system's handling of FAT12 "Power Loss Protected" A: drive.

RTOS - Hardware
Ticket: #348
Component: RTOS - Hardware
Type: defect
Summary: PIO command display fault
Description: The PIO command does not display the used wakeup mode correctly.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #349
Component: RTOS - Hardware
Type: defect
Summary: Misbehaviour on interrupt capable GPIOs
Description: An installed interrupt service routine of the interrupt capable GPIOs will be executed even when the interrupt is disabled. Only one interrupt in the same group (simple interrupt or wakeup interrupt) has to be enabled.

The CPU seems to set the corresponding flag in the interrupt status register also when the interrupt is disabled.
Solution: Fixed, the internal system service ISR now also checks the interrupt enable register to mask off the disabled interrupts.

Ticket: #338
Component: RTOS - PPP
Type: defect
Summary: PPP_Client_Pause() timeout too short
Description: The PPP_Client_Pause() timeout is too short. Under heavy traffic, the API sometimes returns with error code -3.
Solution: Set timeout to 1500 ms (was 300ms)

RTOS - System
Ticket: #209
Component: RTOS - System
Type: defect
Summary: Problems with callbacks into application programs
Description: The following problems exists for when the faults occur within a user callback.
1) The error callback handler installed with BIOS_Set_Error_Handler() is not invoked.
2) No record for the ERRORS shell command is recorded.
3) No debugger notification for the fault exception occurs.
Solution: Redesigned callback fault handling to correct these problems for User mode callbacks. A remaining limitation on Supervisor mode task exit callbacks has been documented, to state that faults within these particular type callbacks will shut down the system.

Ticket: #347
Component: RTOS - System
Type: defect
Summary: Fault in BIOS_Set_Ini_String()
Description: The function BIOS_Set_Ini_String() returns an error code when trying to delete an entry and the entry or the entire section doesn't exist at all. This is a problem because it is not possible to check the existence of an entry or section before. The function should return the success code instead.
Solution: Changed return value.

Ticket: #340
Component: RTOS - TCP/IP
Type: defect
Summary: Fix select() API's tv_usec handling and add select_ms() CLIB function
Description: Two issues with select() API:

1) The select() was treating the timeout->tv_usec value as milliseconds instead of the intended microseconds. This must be corrected.

2) The select_ms() function provided by the RTOS-X86 CLIB should also be available in the SC2x3-RTOS.
Solution: 1) Correct the processing of the select() timeout->tv_usec value.
2) Add the select_ms() API to RTOS-PPC and the C-library.

RTOS - Web server
Ticket: #336
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: MAX_RT too short for GPRS connections
Description: The web server uses a MAX_RT time of 10 seconds. This is too short for slow links like GPRS connections.
Solution: Increased MAX_RT to 40 seconds.

Ticket: #337
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: Web server timeout problem
Description: Web server connections could be closed by the server before the response it completed. This can occur if the web server timeout specified in the CHIP.INI is set low and the connection runs on a slow link, like GPRS.
Solution: Corrected the web server idle timeout to not close connections until the response is sent, completely.

Ticket: #342
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: Problem with HTTP1.0 connections
Description: If the web server is forced to operate in HTTP1.0 mode with the CHIP.INI entry HTTPVERSION=2, then the web server connections are not closed immediately by the web server. The web server closes the connections after the idle timeout occurs. This makes the operation very slow.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #341
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: enhancement
Summary: Autodetection of compressed files
Description: The web server should open static files before he sends them to the client. If the first three bytes match the hexadecimal number 0x1F8B08, the server should set the header field "Content-Encoding" to "gzip".
Solution: Add new web server CHIP.INI entry DETECT_ENCODING to enable this option.

RTOS - Command shell
Ticket: #344
Component: RTOS - Command shell
Type: enhancement
Summary: CHKDSK command should detect a lost boot sector zero
Description: If a drive's boot sector is not valid, it would be helpful if the CHKDSK command would report this condition.
Solution: Add a boot sector read to the CHKDSK command's actions.

Ticket: #346
Component: RTOS - Command shell
Type: enhancement
Summary: Copy command can be made faster
Description: The copy command can copy a file faster if the allocated copy buffer is increased.
Solution: Increase copy buffer from 1024 to 8192 bytes.

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