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Release Notes – CLIB-PPC V1.70

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

Ticket: #456
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: RTX_Reserve_Sem() and RTX_Wait_Sem() produce warning when time_ptr parameter points to local variable
Description: When the time_ptr parameter of the legacy functions RTX_Reserve_Sem() and RTX_Wait_Sem() points to a local variable, the function produce a warning.

long timeout = 0;
RTX_Reserve_Sem(semaId, &timeout)

warning: the address of 'timeout' will never be NULL
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #457
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: _rmdir() instead of rmdir()
Description: The CLIB provides a function named _rmdir() instead of the function rmdir() to delete directories.
It should additionally provide the function rmdir(). The function _rmdir() should not be removed in case someone uses it.
Solution: Implemented.

Ticket: #458
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: helper_check_license() may lead to undefined behaviour
Description: The function helper_check_license() may mess up the processors registers and thus lead to undefined program behaviour.
Solution: Fixed

Ticket: #473
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: Wrong definition of pack/unpack macros for float and double
Description: The PPC does not provide hardware support for misaligned float/double accesses. The pack/unpack macros for these types need to be changed.
Solution: Fixed.

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