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Release Notes – CLIB-PPC V1.02

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

Ticket: #80
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: settime() / setdate library problems
Description: Both functions should have protection against clock rollover during time/date editing.

The setdate() function should not add 1980 to the year.
Solution: Lock task switching during clock edit. Remove the 1980 bias.

Ticket: #81
Component: CLIB
Type: enhancement
Summary: getftime() and setftime() DOS library functions missing from library
Description: For better compatibility with the DOS x86 compiler library, the getftime() and setftime() library functions should be provided.
Solution: Add new functions to Clib.
Also added memory.h include file for compatibility.

Ticket: #93
Component: CLIB
Type: enhancement
Summary: CLIB function tell()
Description: The CLIB should feature the function tell(), which gets the current position of a file pointer via the file handle.
Solution: Implemented.

Ticket: #95
Component: CLIB
Type: enhancement
Summary: Add atomic edit operations for 32 bit objects
Description: Assembly functions using the PowerPC's LWARX and STWCX. opcodes can be offered to semaphore operations on 32 bit objects.
Solution: Implemented new functions atomicAdd, atomicXor, atomicModify, atomicRest, atomicSet and atomicWrite.

Ticket: #122
Component: CLIB
Type: enhancement
Summary: Support the new APIs in RTOS-PPC V1.02
Description: Support the new functions, structures and definitions of SC2x3 RTOS-PPC V1.02
Solution: Implemented.

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