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Task Creation Error Codes

Here are the subset of RTX API error codes which can result from the task creation API RTX_NewTaskErr().

The legacy API RTX_Create_Task(), RTX_Create_Task_Without_Run(), RTX_Param_Task() and RTX_Param_Task_Without_Run() may also output these error codes.

Error Code

Symbolic Constant

Problem Description



The program making this call is in the process of being removed from system. No further task creation is therefore permitted by this program.



System has ran out of resources needed to create this new task. This could be due to either the supply of 500 kernel objects has been exhausted or there is insufficient system heap memory available for the new Task Control Block (TCB). The console MEM command can be used to resolve the cause of this error.



Either the provided stack pointer or vector to the task references memory which does not belong to this calling program.



The stack size specified was less than the 1024 byte minimum. (A second source for this error is that this API was called from an ISR. It must be called only from a task's context.)

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