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This section describes the API for the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC USB stack. The IPC@CHIP® SC2x3 disposes of a USB host controller, which complies with version 1.1 of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification and with version 1.0a of the Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) specification.

Although the USB API hides most of the complexity of USB, basic knowledge of its fundamentals is indispensable when using the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC USB API. The USB specification is quiet readable, but there are also a lot of good books dealing with this topic. We also recommend to take notice of the Requirements and Recommendations for USB Products with Embedded Hosts and/or Multiple Receptacles. You can find USB related documentation at the website of the USB Implementers Forum (http://www.usb.org).

Please note that the SC2x3 can only operate as a USB host, i.e. devices like printers or mass storage devices can be connected to the SC2x3. But the SC2x3 cannot act as a device (unlike SC1x3 and SC2x).

Most limitation of the SC1x3/SC2x USB stack do not exist any more in the SC2x3 USB stack. The only limitation is that only one configuration per device can be handled.

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