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Functions for the usage of the IP Security protocols.

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int IPsec_Add_Policy (const tIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR *pairs, const tIPSEC_POLICY_SELECTOR *selectors, const tIPSEC_POLICY_CONTENT *content, int npair)
 Add IP Security policies.
int IPsec_Add_Preshared_Key (const char *remote_ip, const char *preshared_key)
 Add a preshared key for use during IKE.
int IPsec_Clear_Policy (void)
 Clear IP Security policies.
void IPsec_Clear_Preshared_Keys (void)
 Clear out all IKE preshared keys.
int IPsec_IKE_Phase1_Delete (int index)
 Remove an IKE phase 1 transform.
int IPsec_IKE_Phase1_Set (int index, const tIPSEC_TKE_PHASE1 *param)
 Add a IKE phase 1 transform.
int IPsec_IKE_Status (void)
 Check Internet Key Exchange (IKE) state.
int IPsec_Remove_Preshared_Key (const char *remote_ip)
 Remove a preshared key.
int IPsec_Restore_Policy (const char *filename)
 Read in IP Security policy file.
int IPsec_Set_Option (unsigned int option, unsigned int value)
 Set IP Security and IKE Options.
int IPsec_Status (int *error_code)
 Check IP Security state.
int IPsec_Store_Policy (const char *file_name, const tIPSEC_POLICY_SELECTOR *selectors, unsigned int selector_count, const tIPSEC_POLICY_CONTENT *contents, unsigned int content_count, const tIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR *pairs, unsigned int pair_count, const char *const *preshared_keys, unsigned int preshared_key_count)
 Create a IP Security Policy file.
int IPsec_Start (void)
 Start IP Security running.

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