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Functions for the usage of the Secure socket layer and Public key infrastructure.

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int PKI_CertificateAdd (PKI_CERT_ADD_EntryPtr addEntryPtr, int *error)
 Add a certificate to the PKI.
int PKI_CertificateDel (void *idPtr, int certType, int *error)
 Remove a certificate from the PKI.
int PKI_OwnKeyPairAdd (PKI_OWNKEYPAIR_ADD_EntryPtr keyEntryPtr, int *error)
 Add a public/private key pair.
int SSL_AddClientCA (int sessionId, void *caIdPtr, int *error)
 Add client CA.
int SSL_ClientStart (int sd, char *srvCommonName, int *error)
 Start SSL client.
int SSL_ConnClose (int sd, int *error)
 Close a SSL connection.
int SSL_GetConnState (int sd, void **connStatePtr, int *error)
 Get status data of a SSL connection.
int SSL_SendFlush (int sd, int *error)
 Flush SSL user data.
int SSL_SessionClose (int sessionId, int *error)
 Close a SSL session.
int SSL_SessionNew (SSL_SESSION_NEW_EntryPtr newSessionPtr, int *error)
 Open a new SSL session.
int SSL_SessionOpt (int sessionId, int option, int value, int *error)
 Set SSL session options.
int SSL_SessionProp (int sessionId, int *proposals, int count, int *error)
 Set proposals for SSL session.
int SSL_HandshakeComplete (int sd, unsigned int timeout)
 Check handshake status.
int SSL_CheckProblem (int sd, SslProblemS *report)
 SSL handshake diagnostic function.

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