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int DHCP_use ( unsigned char  dhcpUse  ) 

Configure DHCP usage on the internal Ethernet interface. This function writes the specified DHCP mode of the internal ethernet interface at the CHIP.INI file IP_DHCP.

[in] dhcpUse 0: do not use DHCP, 1: Use DHCP.
0: success
else invalid parameter dhcp_use

This entry becomes valid only after rebooting the system or after calling the Reconfigure_ethernet library function. If DHCP is changed from 1 to 0 then a new IP address, subnet mask (and gateway) should be set with either the prompt commands CMD_IP (CMD_NETMASK , CMD_GATEWAY ) or the Set_IPConfig() API function.

This legacy function can be replaced by Dev_Config_Iface(). The DHCP entry at CHIP.INI is settable by BIOS_Set_Ini_String().
It is only left for backward compatibility.

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