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void Get_DHCP_Status ( unsigned int *  dhcpUse,
unsigned int *  dhcpStat 

Retrieve DHCP status of the ethernet interface.

[out] dhcpUse Pointer to a where a "DHCP in use" boolean value will be output to. The location will be set to '1' if the DHCP is currently being used and '0' if not in use.
[out] dhcpStat Pointer to a where a DHCP status word will be stored. The reported status is valid if dhcpUse==1!
The status is encoded as follows:

  • 0: System is not configured (is in progress)
  • 1: System is configured by a DHCP Server
  • 2: System configure retry failed (or no retry started before)
Returns nothing
This legacy function can be replaced by Dev_Get_DHCP_BootData().
It is only left for backward compatibility.

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