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DevUserIfaceHandle Dev_Find_Iface_By_Name ( const char *  name  ) 

Obtain a device driver's handle based on that driver's assigned ASCII name.

The internal device driver names are:
     "FEC"     : Ethernet device
     "PPPCLI" : PPP client
     "PPPSRV" : PPP server

Users may add further devices with the Dev_Open_Interface() API.

[in] name - Driver's assigned ASCII name (zero terminated string).
0: Driver not found
else Device handle
The device handle is required as a parameter for some API functions e.g. SetDefaultGateway().
A list of all installed device drivers is retrievable with Dev_Get_IfaceEntries().
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
This function is not available in the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library. The deprecated Dev_Get_Handle_By_Name() function may be used when compatibilty is required.
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