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int Dev_Get_IP ( DevUserIfaceHandle  IfaceHandle,
unsigned long *  IpAddr,
unsigned long *  Netmask,
int *  errorCode 

Get IP and subnet mask (optional) of an interface (multihome index 0).

[in] IfaceHandle Device handle to identify the interface.
[out] IpAddr Pointer to a 4 byte memory area where the IPv4 address is to be stored.
[out] Netmask Pointer to a 4 byte memory area where the subnet mask is to be stored. (This parameter can be set to NULL if no subnet mask output is desired or it does not apply.)
[out] errorCode Failure code, 0 on success.
0 : success
-1: Failure (see error output parameter)
A list of all installed device drivers with their configuration data is retrieveable with Dev_Get_IfaceEntries().
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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