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Device driver API

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API functions for adding your own TCP/IP device driver interfaces.

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int Dev_Close_Interface (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, int *errorCode)
 Close user device driver/interface.
int Dev_Config_Iface (DevIpv4IfaceCfg *devIPv4CfgData, int *error)
 IPv4 configuration of an interface.
int Dev_SetSpecificFlags_IPv4 (DevUserIfaceHandle iface_handle, int flags)
 Set/Erase specific device driver flags.
DevUserIfaceHandle Dev_Find_Iface_By_Name (const char *name)
 Get the driver handle.
int Dev_Get_Buffer (DevUserBufferHandle BufHandlePtr, char **buffer, unsigned int length)
 Allocate TCP/IP buffer.
UserEthDhcp_EntryDev_Get_DHCP_BootData (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr)
 Retrieve DHCP boot data.
int Dev_Get_DHCP_Data (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, UserEthDhcp_Entry **dhcpDataPtr)
 Retrieve DHCP boot data.
int Dev_Get_Handle_By_Name (const char *drivername, DevUserIfaceHandle *DevHandlePtr, int *error)
 Get the driver handle.
int Dev_Get_IfaceEntries (Iface_Device_Entry *iface_entry, int max)
 Get device interface table for IPv4 interfaces.
int Dev_Get_IfaceEntries_IPv6 (IfaceIPv6_Entry *iface_entry, int max)
 Get device interface table for IPv6 interfaces.
int Dev_Get_IP (DevUserIfaceHandle IfaceHandle, unsigned long *IpAddr, unsigned long *Netmask, int *errorCode)
 Get IP configuration of an interface.
int Dev_Notify_ISR (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, unsigned int receivedPackets, unsigned int sentPackets)
 Notify TCP/IP about incoming data.
int Dev_Open_Interface (DevUserDriver *DriverInfo, int *errorCode)
 Install user TCP/IP device driver.
int Dev_PPP_Get_Peer_DNSIP (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, long *ipAddress, int flag, int *errorCode)
 Set PPP option on an own PPP device driver.
int Dev_PPP_Get_Peer_IP (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, long *ipAddress, int *errorCode)
 Set PPP option on an own PPP device driver.
int Dev_PPP_Register_Chap (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, const void *AuthCallbackFunction, int *errorCode)
 Register a PPP CHAP authentication callback function.
int Dev_PPP_Register_Pap (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, const void *AuthCallbackFunction, int *errorCode)
 Register a PPP PAP authentication callback function.
int Dev_PPP_Set_Option (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, const PPP_Option *ppp_option, int *errorCode)
 Set PPP option on an own PPP device driver.
int Dev_Recv_Interface (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, int *errorCode)
 Receive and process incoming data at the TCP/IP stack.
int Dev_Recv_Wait (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, int *errorCode)
 Waits for data received signal from Interrupt Service Routine.
int Dev_Send_Complete (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr)
 Signal send completion.
int Dev_Set_IfaceMTU (DevUserIfaceHandle IfaceHandle, int ifMTU)
 Set MTU.
int Dev_UnConfig_Iface (DevUserIfaceHandle IfaceHandle, unsigned int proto, unsigned char mHomeIndex, int *error)
 Remove IPv4 or IPv6 device configuration.
int Dev_Wait_DHCP_Complete (DevUserDriver *DriverInfo, unsigned int time_s, int *errorCode)
 Waits for completion of the DHCP action.
int Dev_Renew_DHCP (DevUserIfaceHandle DevHandlePtr, int *errorCode)
 Request the renew of the DHCP lease.
int Dev_Notify_Ioctl (void *IfaceHandle, int flag, void *optionPtr, int optionLen, int *error)
 Executing special driver functions.
int SetIfaceMTU (IP_INTERFACE which_interface, const void *userIfaceHandle, int ifMTU, int *error)
 Set device MTU.

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