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int RegisterIPCbHandler_Send ( void *  ipUserCbFuncPtr  ) 

Register an user callback handler on outgoing IP packets

[in] ipUserCbFuncPtr Pointer to user's callback function.
always 0
This function allows the application programmer to install an ip packet callback function.
The application programmer can implement a function fitting the following type definition:
 typedef int (*IPUserCbFuncPtr)(IpCallbackUserInfo *ipInfo );

If a function of this type is installed by the user, the TCP/IP stack will call this function before sending the IP packet. Inside of this function the user is able to check the given IP parameters and decide if the TCP/IP stack should process this packet or ignore it. If the callback function returns -1 the packet will be discarded by the TCP/IP stack.
To uninstall the callback function, this API call must be called with a null pointer.
The function will be automatically uninstalled, if the application exits!
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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