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int RegisterARPCbHandler ( void *  arpUserCbFuncPtr  ) 

Register an user callback handler on incoming ARP packets

[in] arpUserCbFuncPtr Pointer to user's callback function.
always 0
The application programmer can implement a function fitting the following type definition:
 typedef int (*arpCbFuncPtr)(ArpCallbackUserInfo_t *arpInfo );

If a function of this type is installed by the user, the TCP/IP stack will call this function for any incoming ARP packet. The input parameter to the callback function allows access to the ARP packet. Inside of this function the user is able to check the content of the incoming ARP packet and decide whether the TCP/IP stack should process this packet or ignore it. If the callback function returns -1, the incoming packet will be ignored by the TCP/IP stack. If the size of the returned structure ArpCallbackUserInfo_t is equal or bigger 12, the structure now contains a devicehandle_ptr to determine the source device of the incoming packet.
For structure of an ARP packet see ArpHeader. To remove the callback function, this function call must be called with a null pointer.
The function will be automatically uninstalled, if the application exits.
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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