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TCPIP control

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These functions are providing access to the TCPIP stack and its internal services.

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void RegisterIPCbHandler_Recv (void *ipUserCbFuncPtr)
 Register an IP User callback handler.
int RegisterIPCbHandler_Send (void *ipUserCbFuncPtr)
 Register an user callback handler on outgoing IP packets.
int RegisterARPCbHandler (void *arpUserCbFuncPtr)
 Register an user callback handler on outgoing ARP packets.
int RegisterIPConfigCbHandler (void *ipConfCbFuncPtr)
 Register an user callback handler for IP configuration changes.
int RegisterSrvConnCbHandler (void *userConnectionCbFuncPtr, int server)
 Register a system server connection handler function.
int RegisterUdpCfgCbHandler (void *udpcfgUserCbFuncPtr)
 Install UDP Config Server user callback.
int ServerControl (int server, int suspend)
 Suspend/Resume system servers.
int ServerState (int server)
 Get state of system servers.
unsigned int Get_TelnetServer_Idle_Timeout (void)
 Get Telnet server time-out value.
int Set_TelnetServer_Idle_Timeout (unsigned int timeout)
 Set Telnet server idle time-out value.
int TelnetServer_Login_Counters (unsigned long *loginCount, unsigned long *loginFailCount, BOOL set)
 Access the Telnet server login counters.
unsigned int Get_FTPServer_Idle_Timeout (void)
 Get FTP server idle time-out value.
int Set_FTPServer_Idle_Timeout (unsigned int timeout)
 Set FTP server time-out value.
int FTPServer_Login_Counters (unsigned long *loginCount, unsigned long *loginFailCount, BOOL set)
 Access the FTP server login counters.
int Get_TCPIP_Memory_Status (unsigned long *total, unsigned long *used)
 Get information about TCP/IP stack memory usage.
int Get_SNMPMibDataBase (unsigned char mibIdx, void **mibPtr, int *maxIfMib)
 Get information about TCP/IP stack memory usage.
int SNMPMibWrite_IfMib (void *devHandle, IfMib *ifmib)
 Write RTOS internal SNMP ifMib data structure.
int SNMPMibWrite_Mib (unsigned char mibIdx, void *mibPtr)
 Write RTOS internal SNMP MIB data structures.
int TCPIP_SetOption (int optionName, long optionValue)
 Set several general TCPIP options.

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