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The SSI ("Server Side Include") API provides access to the SSI implementation of the IPC@CHIP® Web server.

SSI commands are special HTML comment tags in web pages, and parsed by the web server while the pages are being served. They allow dynamically generated content to be inserted into a static page, without having to dynamically generate the whole page.

There's no official standard for SSI command. Thus we provide an API to register a SSI tag string and a handler function. When a registered SSI tag is found in a page being served, the handler function will be called to process it.


int SSI_Set_File_Filter (char *matchStr, SSI_MATCH_TYPES matchType, int server)
 Set Server Side Include (SSI) file filter.
int SSI_Register_Tag (const char *tagStr, SSI_Handler handler, int server)
 Register Server Side Include (SSI) tag string.
int SSI_Deregister_Tag (SSI_Handler handler, int server)
 Deregister Server Side Include (SSI) tag string.
int SSI_Set_TagLength (int tagLength)
 Set maximum length of Server Side Include (SSI) tag string.
int SSI_Send_Buffer (unsigned long conHandle, const char *buffer, int bufferlen, int flag)
 Transmit a user buffer to the client through the HTTP(S) connection.
int SSI_Get_Connection_Params (unsigned long conHandle, SSI_Params *params)
 Get SSI connection parameters.

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