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unsigned int spiWrite ( BYTE  idx,
const BYTE *  bufferPtr,
unsigned int  nbytes 

Use this function to output bytes to the SPI bus in master mode.

idx SPI bus index
     0 = dedicated SPI on PSC3 or GPT
     1 = CODEC1 in SPI mode on PSC1
     2 = CODEC2 in SPI mode on PSC2
     3 = CODEC3 in SPI mode on PSC3
     6 = CODEC6 in SPI mode on PSC6

[in] bufferPtr Input buffer that contains data bytes that should be send over the SPI bus.

nbytes Number of data bytes to send.
Zero on success
  • Bit0=1, wrong arguments (NULL pointer passed or wrong index)
  • Bit5=1, a collision has occured (MODF feature, not supported yet)
  • Bit6=1, an overrun was detected
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:
spiRead() spiReadWrite()

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