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The following SPI defines can be ORed to set the SPI mode in spiInit() or spiSlaveInit().


#define SPI_MODE0   0x0000
 SPI mode 0, CPOL=0 CPHA=0.
#define SPI_MODE1   0x0001
 SPI mode 1, CPOL=0 CPHA=1.
#define SPI_MODE2   0x0002
 SPI mode 2, CPOL=1 CPHA=0.
#define SPI_MODE3   0x0003
 SPI mode 3, CPOL=1 CPHA=1.
#define SPI_AUTODRIVE   0x0008
 SPI autodrive SS.
#define SPI_LSBFIRST   0x0200
 SPI shift LSB first.
#define SPI_BIDIRECTIONAL   0x0400
 SPI bidirectional mode.
#define SPI_MULTIPLE_BYTES   0x0800
 In SPI autodrive mode, SS is held low for multiple bytes.
#define SPI_ON_GPT   0x1000
 The dedicated SPI is used on the GPT pins Timer2-5, instead of the PSC3 group.
#define SPI_POLLING   0x2000
 Operate SPI slave interface in polling mode.

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