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RTX_EC RTX_Get_TimeDate_us ( TimeDateFineS td  ) 

Read out system time and date with microsecond resolution.

This API may be called from a task or from inside any form of interrupt handler. This function is reentrant.

The time mark read occurs on entry to this API, followed by some off-line computations. The delay between your program's call to this API and the time mark reading is around one microsecond.

Note: In BPM_SLEEP power save mode the time and date resolution is reduced to one millisecond.

td Output Parameter: System time and date is written here with microsecond resolution.
Constant zero (a provisional error code).
See also:
RTX_Set_TimeDate_us()      RTX_Get_TimeDate()
SC2x3 V1.05 - CLIB V1.03

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