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static QWORD readTBx ( void   )  [inline, static]

This inline function reads out the the CPU's 64 bit hardware time base up counter. The time base up counts at a rate of gSysPublicData.tbRateMHz Mega-Hertz, which is 33 MHz with a 132 MHz system clock. This means that the 64 bit counter will roll over each 559.5 Giga-seconds which is about every 17 thousand years.

Note that this time base is stopped during idle periods when system is operated in BPM_SLEEP power save mode or when put into BPM_DEEP_SLEEP mode.

The 64 bit time base reading
See also:
readTB()     RTX_Get_RTI_Ticks()     RTX_GetTickCount()
This function is not available in the older 16 bit Beck platforms.
SC2x3 n/a - CLIB V1.00

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