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RTX_EC RTX_Set_TimeDate ( const TimeDate_Structure td  ) 

Set system time and date. The systems one second roll over count will be made to align with the time at which this API is called.

The Day Of Week field (dow) in the TimeDate_Structure need not be set by caller. This API computes this value based on the provided date.

Note: This API performs no validity check on the date/time data supplied by user.

This API may be called from a task or from inside any form of interrupt handler. This function is reentrant. Any concurrent use of RTX_Get_TimeDate() will return either the time/date value from before or after this call.

td System time and date info.
Constant zero (a provisional error code).
See also:
RTX_Get_TimeDate()      RTX_Set_TimeDate_us()
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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