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static DWORD readTB ( void   )  [inline, static]

This inline function reads out the lower 32 bits of the CPU's hardware time base. The time base up counts at a rate of gSysPublicData.tbRateMHz Mega-Hertz, which is 33 MHz with a 132 MHz system clock. This means that the 32 bits will roll over each 130.151 seconds.

The following macros are provided around the tbRateMHz constant for units conversion from timer ticks to seconds.

Note that this time base is stopped during idle periods when system is operated in BPM_SLEEP power save mode or when put into BPM_DEEP_SLEEP mode.

Lower 32 bits of system time base hardware counter.
See also:
readTBx()     RTX_Get_RTI_Ticks()     RTX_GetTickCount()
This function is not available in the older 16 bit Beck platforms.
SC2x3 n/a - CLIB V1.00

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