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This set of API provides access the timing facilities of the IPC@CHIP®.


#define RTX_Get_RTI_Rate()   ((unsigned int) RtxInternalData.rtxRTI_kHz )
 Read out RTI rate in kilo-Hertz.
#define RTX_Get_RTI_Ticks()   RtxInternalData.rtxTickRti
 Read out system Real-Time Interrupt (RTI) up count.
#define RTX_GetTickCount()   RtxInternalData.rtxTickms
 Read out system time.


static DWORD readTB (void)
 Read lower 32 bits of time base.
static QWORD readTBx (void)
 Read 64 bit time base.
static void usSleepTBx (uint32 us)
 Sleep specified microseconds using the 64 bit core time base counter.
static void msSleepTBx (uint32 ms)
 Sleep specified milliseconds using the 64 bit core time base counter.
RTX_EC RTX_Get_TimeDate (TimeDate_Structure *td)
 Read out system time/date.
RTX_EC RTX_Get_TimeDate_us (TimeDateFineS *td)
 Read out system time/date with high resolution.
RTX_ID RTX_NewFineTimerCB (const char *tag, RTX_TIMER_CALLBACK proc, long period, unsigned long lParam)
 Create a fine timer and install a callback.
RTX_ID RTX_NewTimerCB (const char *tag, RTX_TIMER_CALLBACK proc, long interval, unsigned long lParam)
 Create a timer callback.
RTX_EC RTX_Remove_Timer (RTX_ID timerID)
 Delete a callback timer from system.
RTX_EC RTX_Set_TimeDate (const TimeDate_Structure *td)
 Set system time/date.
RTX_EC RTX_Set_TimeDate_us (const TimeDateFineS *td)
 Set system time/date with high resolution.
RTX_EC RTX_Start_Timer (RTX_ID timerID)
 Start a callback timer running.
RTX_EC RTX_Stop_Timer (RTX_ID timerID)
 Stop a callback timer.
RTX_EC RTX_Timer_Delay (RTX_ID timerID, long delay_ms)
 Set a callback timer delay in milliseconds.
RTX_EC RTX_Timer_Delay_RTI (RTX_ID timerID, long rti_ticks)
 Set a callback timer delay in RTI.
RTX_ID RTX_TimerFind (const char *name)
 Find a callback timer.

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