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RTX_EC RTX_Sleep_Fine ( long  time_rti  ) 

This function provides a higher resolution sleep interval than does the RTX_Sleep_Time() function when the system's Real-Time Interrupt (RTI) rate has been set higher than the default 1000 Hz. Other than this difference, it functions identical to the RTX_Sleep_Time() API.

The RTX_Wakeup() function can wake up a sleeping task before its sleep timer has expired.

If the task has an outstanding wake request pending when it calls here, the task will continue execution immediately without waiting. The pending wakeup is cleared.

time_rti Number of RTI ticks to sleep. This value must be positive.
Zero on success, else error code.
See also:
RTX_Sleep_Time()     RTX_Sleep_Request()     RTX_Wakeup()
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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