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RTOS Task Control API

Detailed Description

This set of API allow applications to create additional threads of execution. These threads are referred to as tasks throughout this documentation. This set of API also provides control over these tasks.


int RTX_Access_Filesystem (void)
 Reserve file access for current task.
RTX_EC RTX_Delete_Task (RTX_ID taskId)
 Delete a task.
void RTX_Disable_Task_Scheduling (void)
 Disable task switching.
void RTX_Enable_Task_Scheduling (void)
 Re-enable task switching.
RTX_EC RTX_End_Execution (void)
 End execution of current task.
RTX_EC RTX_End_Task (RTX_ID taskId)
 End specified task's execution.
RTX_EC RTX_GearChg (RTX_ID taskId, DWORD period, DWORD attributes, DWORD phase, DWORD phaseRef)
 Change gearing on a periodic task.
RTX_ID RTX_Get_TaskID (void)
 Get current task's ID handle.
DWORD RTX_GetProcessNum (RTX_ID taskId)
 Return process number of application program which owns the specified task.
long RTX_GetTaskParam (RTX_ID taskId)
 Get specified task's input parameter.
int RTX_InstallExitCB (RTX_ID taskId, RTX_TaskExitCB vector)
 Hook task exit with a callback.
RTX_EC RTX_Kill_Program (DWORD procNum)
 Kill an application program.
RTX_EC RTX_Kill_Task (RTX_ID taskId)
 Kill a a task.
RTX_ID RTX_NewTask (const RtxTaskDefS *tkdefp)
 Task constructor.
QWORD RTX_NewTaskErr (const RtxTaskDefS *tkdefp)
 Task constructor.with error code in return value.
int RTX_RemoveExitCB (RTX_ID taskId, RTX_TaskExitCB vector)
 Remove task exit callback.
RTX_EC RTX_Resume_Task (RTX_ID taskId)
 Resume specified tasks.
RTX_EC RTX_Sleep_Fine (long time_rti)
 Sleep for a specified number of RTI ticks.
RTX_EC RTX_Sleep_Request (void)
 Put task to sleep.
RTX_EC RTX_Sleep_Time (long time_ms)
 Sleep for a specified number of milliseconds.
RTX_EC RTX_Suspend_Task (RTX_ID taskId)
 Suspend execution of a task.
int RTX_Task_Priority (RTX_ID taskId, int priority)
 Change and/or read out a task's priority.
DWORD RTX_Task_Watchdog (long delayTime)
 Kick a task's watchdog timer.
RTX_EC RTX_Trigger_Task (RTX_ID taskId)
 Trigger execution of a task.
RTX_ID RTX_TaskFind (const char *name)
 Find task by name.
RTX_EC RTX_Wait_Period (void)
 Retire periodic task until next period.
RTX_EC RTX_Wakeup (RTX_ID taskId)
 Wakeup a specified task.

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