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RTX_ID RTX_SemFind ( const char *  name  ) 

This API searches for a semaphore with the provided name. It returns the first semaphore it comes across with the provided name, so it is important that semaphore names are made unique if this this function is to be used on them. (The system does not enforce unique semaphore names.)

This API is intended for use by a second program to gain access to semaphores created by a first program. In this way, programs can both access the same semaphore.

Use of this API across programs will prevent the semaphore from automatically being deleted upon termination of the program which had created the semaphore. When this API is used to find a semaphore created by a different program, then it becomes the responsibility of the programs to have someone eventually call the RTX_Delete_Sem() when this semaphore is no longer needed.

name Semaphore name, up to four characters long.
Zero on failure, non-zero semaphore ID (handle)
This API is not available in the older SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library. When program source compatiblity is desired, the RTX_Find_Sem() wrapper function can be used instead of calling this API directly.
See also:
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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