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RTOS Semaphore API

Detailed Description

This set of API provides access to the semaphore facilities of the IPC@CHIP® for task sequence control.


RTX_EC RTX_Delete_Sem (RTX_ID semID)
 Delete a semaphore.
RTX_EC RTX_Free_Sem (RTX_ID semID)
 Give up ownership of a resource semaphore.
 Get resource or counting semaphore without waiting.
RTX_EC RTX_NewSem (RTX_ID *semID, const char *name, int initvalue)
 Create a new resource or counting semaphore.
RTX_EC RTX_Release_Sem (RTX_ID semID)
 Release a resource semaphore.
RTX_EC RTX_Sem_Timeout (RTX_ID semID, long time_ms)
 Access a resource or counting semaphore with timeout.
RTX_EC RTX_Sem_Wait (RTX_ID semID)
 Wait on a resource or counting semaphore without timeout.
RTX_ID RTX_SemFind (const char *name)
 Find a semaphore by name.
RTX_EC RTX_Signal_Sem (RTX_ID semID)
 Signal a counting semaphore.
RTX_EC RTX_Wait_Sem_Priority (RTX_ID semID, long time_ms, unsigned int wait_priority)
 Wait for a counting or resource semaphore at a specified priority.

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