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RTX_EC RTX_Wait_For_MsgP ( RTX_ID  msgID,
unsigned int  wait_priority,
void *  msg,
long  timeout 

Wait for a specified amount of time at a specified wait priority for a messsage from a Message Exchange.

The format of the 12 byte message being received is defined by the application program.

When more than one message is available at the Message Exchange, the oldest (FIFO order) message from the highest priority message queue will be reported.

Tasks can cut in line ahead of other tasks waiting for a message by specifying a higher wait_priority (which would be a lower number). Task waiting at the same wait_priority wait in FIFO order.

The alternative RTX_Get_Msg() and RTX_Wait_For_Msg() C-library functions provide wrappers around this API.

msgID Message Exchange handle
wait_priority Wait priority, where 0 is highest priority.
msg Output Parameter: A 12 byte message from Message Exchange will be written to this user buffer space on success.
timeout Zero: Wait forever
Positive: Maximum wait time in in milliseconds
Negative: No wait, poll Message Exchange and return
Zero on success, else error code.
See also:
RTX_Get_Msg()     RTX_Wait_For_Msg()     RTX_Send_Msg()
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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