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The following functions and API cover some MMU issues and additional heap functions.


#define TRY_ERASE(try_obj)   (try_obj).tcSignat1 = 0
 Cleanup after TryDejavu().


static void MaskInterrupts (void)
 Mask external interrupts.
static int MaskIntPrev (void)
 Mask external interrupts and return previous mask state.
static void RestoreInterrupts (int existing)
 Restore external interrupts mask state.
static void EnableInterrupts (void)
 Enable external interrupts.
DWORD RTX_PhysAddr (const void *virtAddr, DWORD *lenPtr)
 Translate an effective address to corresponding physical address.
RTX_EC RTX_MemWindow (void *object, DWORD size)
 Open a write-enabled window into specified object.
BOOL TryDejavu (sTRY_CATCH *try_ptr)
 Begin a TRY/CATCH exception trap.
unsigned int heapLargestBlock (void)
 Report size of largest block in heap.

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