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int RTX_Change_TaskPrio ( int  taskID,
int  priority,
int *  error 

Change a specified task's priority. The function provides a wrapper around the RTX_Task_Priority() for source code compatibility with the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library.

taskID Handle to identify which task to operate on. This can be set to zero to indicate the current task.
priority Desired priority to set priority. This can be in range from 2 (RTX_TASK_PRIORITY_TOP) highest user task priority up to 127 (RTX_TASK_PRIORITY_BOTTOM) lowest priority, inclusive. Invalid values outside of this range will be brought into range inside this API.
error Output parameter: Zero on success, else RTX_EC_NO_SUCH_TASK error code.
Zero on success, else -1 on failure.
Differences between this functions operation and the same function in the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library are:
  • The zero value for taskID to designate the current task does not function in old library.
  • The old libary would return RTX_EC_INVALID_TASK_PRIORITY error code when priority argument was out of range instead of bringing the argument into bounds.
See also:
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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