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int RTX_Get_Task_State_Ext ( const char *  taskname,
unsigned int *  taskstate,
int *  error 

This function uses the RTX_Task_Info() API to retrieve information concerning a task specified by name.

taskname Up to four character name of task
taskstate Output Parameter: Task status bit field
Bit0 (RTX_TS_TIMER_WAIT) Timer wait (used with other bits)
Bit1 (RTX_TS_TRIGGER_WAIT) Trigger wait (i.e. idle)
Bit2 (RTX_TS_SEMAPHORE_WAIT) Semaphore wait
Bit3 (RTX_TS_EVENT_WAIT) Event Group wait
Bit4 (RTX_TS_MSG_XCHG_WAIT) Message Exchange wait
Bit5 -- not implemented --
Bit6 (RTX_TS_SUSPEND_WAIT) Suspended (waiting for resume)
Bit7 (RTX_TS_WAITING_FOR_WAKE) Waiting for wake
> Bit7 internal use only
error Output Parameter: Error code, 0 on success else error code.
-1 on error, else task ID of task whose name was provided.
See also:
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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