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#define RTX_TA_CATCH_UP   (0x0020)

This flag can be OR'ed with the RTX_TA_PERIODIC flag in the RtxTaskDefS::tkdAttr bit field.

This modifier applies to task created with the RTX_TA_PERIODIC attribute. This flag determines how periodic task behave when they are still executing past the time when they are again due to be triggered. It can play a role under high CPU loading conditions.

When this attribute flag is set during task creation, the tasks periodic trigger timer will increment the task trigger count regardless of whether or not the task has completed its previous run. The effect being that the task may spin through a series of executions in rapid sequence to try to "catch up" with the pass count it would have been on had it always retired ahead of the trigger time.

For the alternate mode (RTX_TA_CATCH_UP flag not set), the periodic task timer will not trigger another execution of the task unless the task is currently awaiting a trigger at its start gate. This means that no execution will occur until the next trigger time following the tasks retirement.
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