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RTX_EC RTX_Wait_For_EventP ( RTX_ID  id,
unsigned int  mask,
unsigned int  value,
int  match,
long  timeout 

The calling task waits until the Event Manager wakes it up (the event has occurred) or until the specified timeout is reached.

Note that the Event Manager's wakeup mechanism is level sensitive (not edge triggered) unless the RTX_Strobe_Events() API is being used. Consequently, a task may want to acknowledge an event bit level after a wakeup by negating the flag using the RTX_Signal_Events() API.

The RTX_Get_Events_Stored() function can be used to pick up the event states as they were at the time of release from the event wait.

The calling task will be blocked until the specified event conditions are met. The match parameter indicates whether all bits under the mask must match the specified value or if only one of the events matching is sufficient.

id Event Group handle
mask The 1 bits in this mask indicate which of the event bits to regard.
value Here the desired values are specified for each of the bits set to 1 in the mask parameter.
match This is set to zero (= RTX_EVENT_MATCH_OR) to return with success if any of the events under the mask are satisified. It is set to non-zero (= RTX_EVENT_MATCH_AND) if all of the specified events must be matched in order to return with success.
timeout Zero: = Wait forever.
Positive: = Maximum amount of time to wait in milliseconds.
Negative: = No wait, poll events and return.
Zero on success, else error code.
See also:
RTX_Signal_Events()     RTX_Wait_For_EventP()     RTX_Get_Events_Stored()
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

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