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RTC - Real Time Clock API

Detailed Description

The following functions are provided to control the onboard Real Time Clock (RTC). The onboard RTC is NOT battery powered.


void rtcSetTime (int hours, int minutes, int seconds)
 Set the time in the RTC.
void rtcGetTime (int *hours, int *minutes, int *seconds)
 Get the time from the RTC.
void rtcSetDate (int year, int month, int weekday, int day)
 Set the date in the RTC.
void rtcGetDate (int *year, int *month, int *weekday, int *day)
 Get the date from the RTC.
void rtcSetStopwatch (int minutes)
 Set RTC stopwatch time in minutes.
int rtcGetStopwatchRemaining (void)
 Get remaining minutes of RTC stopwatch.
void rtcSetAlarm (int hours, int minutes, BOOL enable)
 Set RTC alarm time.
void rtcSetPeriodicIntr (BOOL day, BOOL minute, BOOL second)
 Enable RTC periodic interrupts.
int rtcGetStopwatchAlarmIntrState (void)
 Get RTC stopwatch and alarm interrupt state.
int rtcGetPeriodicIntrState (void)
 Get RTC periodic interrupt state.

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