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int pktIncomingPacket ( DevUserIfaceHandle  devHandle,
void *  pktTypePtr,
void *  buffer,
int  len 

Incoming packet dispatcher for use by user device drivers built with the Device Driver API.

The user must call this function from their device driver's receiver in order for the packet driver receive mechanism to work. If no packet driver handlers will be used on a device, then this call is not necessary for that device.

From within this API the user installed packet callback function will be invoked if a packet type match is detected.

[in] devHandle Device handle to identify the interface.
[in] pktTypePtr Pointer to the first byte of the type field within the received packet .
[in] buffer Pointer to the packet (e.g. an Ethernet frame).
[in] len Length of the packet in bytes.
0 on success
-1 on failure
The system executes this function internally when packet handler traps have been set on the built-in Ethernet "FEC" device.
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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