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IRQ - Interrupt Requests API

Detailed Description

The following functions are provided to control the interrupt request inputs of the IPC@CHIP®.

IRQ API types and data structures


BOOL irqSetMode (int irq, int mode)
 Set mode for IRQ pin.
BOOL irqEnable (int irq, BOOL state)
 Enable/Disable IRQ pin.
InterruptHandler isrInstall (int irq, InterruptHandler handler, int type)
 Install a ISR for interrupt.
BOOL isrSetPriorityHiGroup (int irq, int priority)
 Set interrupt priority for high priority interrupts.
BOOL isrSetPriorityLoGroup (int irq, int priority)
 Set interrupt priority for low priority interrupts.
BOOL isrSetPriorityPeriph (int irq, int priority, BOOL hi)
 Set interrupt priority for peripheral interrupts.

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