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unsigned int i2cScan ( BYTE  idx,
unsigned int  start_addr,
unsigned int  end_addr,

This is an iterator function which is called repetitively to determine all connected slaves. Specify on each successive call a new restricted slave address range until no further address is returned by this function.

On the I2C2 bus interface there are some internal devices present. So the following addresses can not be used externally: 0xA0, 0x90.

idx I2C bus interface index (0=I2C1 or 1=I2C2)
start_addr First slave address to start scan
end_addr Last slave address to scan
ext if "TRUE" use extended address mode
Zero = no slave found, Non-zero = slave address of first found slave device
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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