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unsigned int i2cSlaveGetState ( BYTE  idx  ) 

This function reads the current I2C bus state and should be used inside the I2C interrupt handler, if the I2C slave interface is used.

idx I2C bus interface index (0=I2C1 or 1=I2C2)
I2C bus state:
4: Own slave address received, master wants to read
5: Own slave address received, master wants to write
6: Arbitration lost
7: Bus error
10: Data byte received from master
11: Data byte transmitted to master, master wants next byte
12: Last data byte transmitted to master
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:
i2cSlaveReadByte(), i2cSlaveSendByte(), i2cSlaveSendAck()

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