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void* progParentData ( void   ) 

This library function retrieves the report object passed to BIOS_ExecuteExt() API by the parent program which invoked this child program. If this program was not invoked with the BIOS_ExecuteExt() API or if the report pointer passed to BIOS_ExecuteExt() did not reference memory to which the parent program had user mode write access rights, then the return value here will be NULL.

The form of the object referenced is user defined, with the restriction that the first two integer values of this structure must correspond to the ProgFeedbackS data structure. The @CHIP-RTOS-PPC will write the program's exit code to the second of these two integers when the program terminates.

The remainder of the structure following these two required integer values can be what ever the user desires.

No call into the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC occurs from within this library function.

Pointer to report object passed to BIOS_ExecuteExt() API, else NULL.
See also:
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SC2x3 V1.05 - CLIB V1.03

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