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#define setProgramAttributes ( attributes   )     initLinkerSymbol(__prog_attributes, attributes)

This macro function sets the __prog_attributes program constant. The following attribute flags are defined.

The default value for __prog_attributes is zero (no flags set). These flags may be combined in a bitwise OR fashion. All undefined bits should be left zero, reserved for future definitions.

This macro invocation would be placed in one of your C files outside the scope of any module. This example demonstrates setting of two attribute flags. (But since this setting would greatly lower the system's protection against programming errors, this combination is not meant as a recommendation.)

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
This macro does not exists in the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library.
See also:
setStackSize      setHeapInitialSize

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