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GPIO - General Purpuse Inputs Outputs API

Detailed Description

The following functions are provided to control the general purpose inputs and outputs of the IPC@CHIP®.


int gpioReadInput (int pioNumber)
 Read GPIO input value.
int gpioWriteOutput (int pioNumber, int value)
 Write GPIO output value.
int gpioReadOutput (int pioNumber)
 Read GPIO output value.
int gpioEnableGroup (int pioGroup)
 Enable group as GPIO.
int gpioEnable (int pioNumber, BOOL state)
 Enable pin as GPIO.
int gpioSetMode (int pioNumber, GPIO_MODES mode)
 Set GPIO mode (input/output/opendrain).
int gpioSetIntMode (int pioNumber, int mode)
 Set GPIO interrupt mode.
int gpioSetWkupMode (int pioNumber, int mode)
 Set GPIO wakeup mode.

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